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85% of business success...

...depends on managers' communication skills - how well they negotiate, manage and lead. Only 15% depends on technical knowledge/expertise

Informing versus Inspiring

It's flabbergasting how many people underestimate the power of their communication.

It's easy to blame excel sheets & finances & competition & changing market conditions

but how often have they really solved your problems

It is always, always about successful human interaction.

When you connect with beyond the level of information, that's when

your customers love you,

and your boss dotes on you,

and your colleagues look up to you,

and your team follows you.

This takes the art and skill of communication and psychology.

While ordinary people try hard to

inform and convince their customers of how good their product is,

and their team of how to do their tasks...

What if you could... Inspire, instead?

I help businesses & managers communicate to win hearts, minds and wallets!

Clients I Work With


For Business Schools and universities, I facilitate workshops and trainings that help their graduate and post-graduate students master real-life practical skills that help them master their dream careers, brand themselves right from the start and shine out in their industries.

Trainings and consulting for EEN, chambers of commerce, accelerators to help small businesses, new businesses, scale-ups with:

Sales growth


Business development


International expansion



There is a way to raise your productivity and still have a happier team.

It's nothing short of magic and it's what makes businesses Pro.Fit.Able effortlessly and happily.

Check out www.profitableworkshop.co and let me know if it interests you.




About Reema Singhal

Hi, I'm Reema.

I have spent years turning around businesses and teams 

by training them on how to pitch their ideas successfully to anyone.

Instead of sitting and wondering whether I can help you,

just connect with me and tell me what you wish for.

Let's talk. 

I'm a communications person - I love talking, so don't be shy :) 

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